Quhwa has been working hard on developping the smart products, including wireless smart cameras with battery power and floodlight cameras. Both them can be used outdoor and indoor.
As per different requirements from partners, we can provide 2-wire or 4 wire traditional video doorbells,
wifi video doorbell with mains power or battery power, and wifi audio doorbell powered by battery.
Smart switch is another important part of Quhwa's smart product category.
With these smart switches, users are able to control their lights by cell phones or RF remote controllers.
Generally Quhwa launches over 10 new wireless RF doorbells annually to meet the market requirements. Now we are focusing on both kinetic doorbell technology and good-looking designs.
The easy wireless doorway, driveway & entrance alarm system lets users not miss any visitor.
Quhwa's alarms bring convenience to user's life, as well as improve their life quality and security.
Since Quhwa is focusing on smart and eco-friendly products, those accessories, such as magnet alarms and solar panel, can expand smart functions and save energy.