The doorway & entry security system is normally used at the garage gate for detecting
any vehicle in and out.
As an alternative, the doorway & entry security system can be used in front of the door
for detecting any visitor.
The doorway & entry security system can also work as a doorbell.
It can be used both at home or office.
1 indoor unit can work with 4 outdoor units, and you can enjoys 4 different sounds from 4
different channels. The PIR sensor can be shielded by the cap cover.
Model: QH-9838A
Maximum sound volume can reach over 100dB
4 different sounds for selection
3 different detection angles available by just rotating the cap cover
IP44 waterproof
The RF distance between the indoor unit and outdoor unit is about 300M / 1000ft
PIR motion detection distance is about 6M / 20ft.
Battery operated: 3 AA batteries for indoor unit, 3 AAA batteries for outdoor unit