Remote control lights in public areas or offices via your cell phone anytime, anywhere.
It saves your time.
Easy wiring and pairing help install quickly the smart light switch on walls.
Remote control lights at home via your cell phone and start your smart home system with the switch.
Except the cell phone, you can also turn on or off lights by a 433MHz frequency remote
controller which works with the smart light switch.
The smart light switch can be scheduled to set lights ON or OFF at fixed time according to your daily routines, or periodically turn ON or OFF lights to deter intruders when you're on vacation.
Model: SP-N01
Phone Remote Control: Remotely control your lights anytime and anywhere.
No Hub Required: Works with Wi-Fi router without the need for a separate hub.
Schedule setting: Set a scene for when you wake up, go to bed and etc.
Easy Installation: One line switch without the need of neutral wire.